Michael Jackson: Father, Singer, Dancer, Humanitarian... Yes. But a Paedophile? Wade Robson and James Safechuck would have you believe he was. But what is the truth? Before you condemn him, please take a few moments to understand some of the true facts behind the stories you may have heard.

Please note that the MJInnocent Team wholeheartedly supports victims of all types of abuse, including child sexual abuse. It is vital that victims feel safe enough to come forward and their claims taken seriously. However, we also support the principle that a person accused of a crime has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

We believe the accusations levelled against Michael Jackson are false and here we will explain why.

Did you know...

1. Robson and Safechuck have sworn under oath that Michael Jackson NEVER did anything inappropriate. Robson was questioned in detail during Michael Jackson’s criminal trial in 2005 and repeatedly denied any wrongdoing by Michael Jackson.

2. In 2011, Robson quit his role as director of the film Step Up 4 and was rejected for the lead choreography job in the Michael Jackson themed Cirque du Soleil show. It was following this rejection that he suddenly realised he had been abused.

3. Previous versions of Robson’s story state that he did not come forward with his claims any sooner because he was ashamed. This was then changed to not coming forward because he had repressed the memories of abuse and the memories only resurfaced following a breakdown. Robson’s current version is that he always knew what had happened but didn’t realise it was wrong, despite also claiming that Michael Jackson told him he had to lie about what they were doing otherwise they would both go to prison and also being questioned in detail about sexual abuse in the 2005 trial.

4. Robson’s first course of action was to try and shop a book but when this failed, he launched a creditor’s claim against the Estate of Michael Jackson for millions of dollars.

5. These accusations have been made after Michael Jackson passed away. The law does not currently protect the deceased from defamation and, therefore, Robson and Safechuck are free to attack Michael Jackson and make whatever claims they want against him without fear of legal repercussions for defaming him.

The above doesn't even scrape the surface of the many inconsistencies, contradictions and outright lies being told about Michael Jackson, all of which are being completely ignored by the media. There is so much more to this story and once the true facts are laid bare, it is clear that the only victim here is Michael Jackson.


Here are a few useful links if you do want to pursue this a little more and learn the truth.

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